At the beginning the company, a family business, was created to meet the demands of the international market, producing mainly lighting and adapting from time to time to the taste of various retailers, who buy large quantities supported by the intermediation of the assistant buyers. The customers are almost exclusively private labels.


The international scenarios change and with them begin the change of taste. Simone and Pierfrancesco, Antonio’s sons, enter officially in the company: Simone's creativity and Pierfrancesco's industrious craft bring new visions and a greater awareness of what would have been the future of the company. The preferential market is the US market, achieved through the intermediation of buying officers.


The attack on the twin towers and entry into China’s WTO mark an epochal change in export dynamics. The company loses 80% of the market set up so far by retails. The company structure targets its professional production and begins to work massively on projects of various kinds, especially in Italy and Europe.


Simone and Pierfrancesco’s cousin joins the company: Michelangelo, a handy modern Archimedes with a lively brain and an eye for inventions; it’s thanks to him that the technological revolution of the company starts: he introduces new and modern techniques and machinery, such as the 3D printer and numerical control milling, in the production processes. Il Bronzetto is no longer a craft workshop, but it is a company capable of carrying out special projects and custom-made projects.


Simone, eclectic and passionate, finds in bronze and brass a source of inspiration for a wide array of ideas and doesn't settle on offering his clients the same classical items that had kept his business alive up to that point, he creates a contemporary line of products with a strong accent to design. For the new-born brand line Brass Brothers & Co. Simone and his brother Pierfrancesco, aka Peffa, study the past, taking inspiration from it, reworking old inputs with a modern taste. The craft company Il Bronzetto begins a process of branding and presenting to the market lines of products grouped by brands, each with its own identity, its position and its audience.


Il Bronzetto produces objects appreciated and sold all over the world, Il Bronzetto is a compendium of ancient knowledge, craftsmanship, new content and high-tech manufacture – it is to bronze manufacturing what a traditional Naples' dress maker is to a double-breasted pinstripe suite, it is the multitasking product of the modern artisan. Simone, Peffa, Michelangelo and the workshop entire devote themselves to develop architects, designers, interiors, and private clients' ideas and projects and that's how the 'In Bottega' concept starts: sketches, designs, and ideas come to life “after 6pm” when they stay in the workshop after-hours because, as Simone says, “here we always keep some wine” to help ideas come to life and make everything possible.