Brass and bronze creations 100% made in Florence


General manager

Brilliant and creative but practical by nature, he inspires liking at first sight and always says what he thinks; he travels the world savoring every experience as a gourmand and because he considers necessary to give to Il Bronzetto a strong modern imprint and the tools to face the challenges of the global interior design market.

Production chain manager

Manual and industrious are his characteristics, whistling and humming songs of the past he is the rapresentation of the typical Florentine craftsman. Concentrated on his work not lost in chatter: brass and bronze are his bread, the production chain the air he breathes

Special project manager

Frankie, the numerical control milling cutter is his best friend, inventiveness and ingenuity distinguish him, the information technology is his strong point. He dedicates himself to IN BOTTEGA, the tailor-made service of Il Bronzetto for the special projects: he always manages to provide an innovative solution for any type of furniture.

Marketing & sales manager

Multitasking and solar she is 'the master' of Il Bronzetto, the world of the interior design has no secrets for her. It is the soul of the company, between a fair and the other she dedicates herself to customers without ever losing patience, from contact projects to the request of a single piece of furniture she produces personalized estimates at a pressing pace.

Graphic design & technical projects

An eclectic artist with a placid nature but a vigorous character, in addition to graphic and technical projects he designs lines of lamps and furnishing accessories for the Brass Brothers & Co. brand, he does not need inscriptions in the gym: he trains running from the laboratory to the office in less than 2 minutes!

Discarding and polishing

With tense nerves like violin strings, he is boxer in his spare time and a star of the white players of the Calcio in Costume. Despite his young age, he is the oldest member of Il Bronzetto staff. Athletic, he approaches the phases of discarding and cleaning with agility and without any effort.


Small and snappy,' good morning all day long' is her ritual phrase! Accounts, invoices and reminders with her seem almost amusing!

Project manager

Always ready to chat, he argues, he smiles, nothing discourages him, he throws himself into every new project with enthusiasm and goodwill. He has a ready joke and an answer as a reply to any question.

Social media & communication

Sincere and cheerful she worked for years in organizing events. thanks to Bronzetto she is cultivating her passion for design and furnishing, through social media she tells the company from different angles: the internal one of his artisans and collaborators, the external one of the customers and their furnishing projects.

Supplier relationship & purchasing

Minute but energetic, both physically and in character, she juggles in the jungle of suppliers, all ask her when it's necessary finding a new component, a small brass or bronze parts or a particular material. Her 'office' outfit leaves no room for frivolity: T-shirt and sweatshirt pants, but when she goes out she surprises everyone with her super-feminine outfits.


Restless and introspective, he plays the sax as a hobby, from his point of view every aspect of life must be deepened, investigated, he is constantly searching for the essence of everything. Gifted artist, he draws sketches of the work he has to do, all in his hands, a bronze-maker hands, recomposes and takes shape.

Finishes & coatings

Calm and silent you realize that he is in only for the noise of the machines he uses for discarding and cleaning. Bashfully he follows the final stages of processing, making everything sparkling and luminous, with fine finishes such as gold leaf; we are trying to make him overcome shyness and propose him as the official social 'face' of Il Bronzetto.

Construction & assembly

He is our senior craftsman, he represents the experience and knowledge of the company, everyone asks him for advice that he bestows with pleasure and patience. Despite his placid appearance and his silvery hair during his lunch break his soul as a boy always emerges: sometimes he almost doesn't socialize with his colleagues because he spends his time in endless conversations.

Construction & assembly

Shy and introverted is a man of few words, he is very meticulous and reliable at work but when the working time ends he quickly runs away to devote himself to his greatest passion: beekeeping, immersed in the magic of the mountains, cuddles the bees like daughters and then returns to I work by bringing some of that magic with me.