Luxury Foundry
Precious home decor

High quality details, castings, and chiselings, gold, hand-grinded blown crystal, hard stones and rare marbles to create luxury items that enhance and gift elegance to even the most ambitious interior design project. The sophisticated luxury of this brand's items reflect the Italian artisan tradition and its skilled craftsmanship. Dedicated to those who seek the refinement and elegance of the classics, enriched by the brazen and unbridled opulence of Luxury Foundry's one of a kind baroque pieces, precious allies in creating that fairy-tale atmosphere.

Living beauty

Crystal vases, bowls, chalices and home ornaments of the Luxury Foundry line are caracterized by a fine brass and bronze details and elegant colours: Amber, Emerald, Aquamarine and Alexandrite - the colour of the most precious gemstone in the world –could be the perfect wedding gift to last over the time. Polished chandeliers, candle holders, appliques and exquisite tables in bronze and marble are the luxurious and sophisticated detail to enrich your home.

Living beauty
Manual processes

Manual processes

The precious Luxury Foundry home decorations are characterized by the accuracy of the chisels and inlays, traditional manual processes that transform crystal, bronze and precious hard stones such as malachite into real sculptures. Elements of naturalistic appeal such as pine cones, grape branches and leaves or anthropomorphic mythological creatures are found in the pedestals and arms of candelabra and ornamental columns.


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