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Luxury Foundry brand crystals represent the quintessence of luxury. The sophisticated products of this brand reflect the Italian artisan tradition and its skilful craftsmanship. For those who love the refinement and elegance of the classic, but also for those who in a more modern atmosphere want to give a touch to an environment. The still manually worked crystal is then assembled with rich bronze friezes whose fine details, fusions and meticulous chisels in gold, create precious unique objects. Also suitable as a wedding gift, the Luxury Foundry crystals will leave the indelible trace of those who donated them over time.


Magnificent decorative objects like the Luxury Foundry crystal cups enrich an environment and are the perfect gift for any important occasion. As a tray above an important vintage console at the entrance of a villa or as a fruit bowl on a sideboard in the dining room, the crystal bowl is an ageless must.


The amphora is a terracotta vase with two lateral handles, which in ancient times was used to transport oil, wine and other precious liquids. The tapered shape and grace are the characteristics that Luxury Foundry crystal amphorae have derived from. The central body is in chiseled crystal, the handles, the pedestal and the ribs on the edge are bronze castings or silver plated combined with turquoise crystal.


Crystal vases are precious ornaments for any space, from classic to modern. The various types of processing and the shades of color - amber, transparent, smoke and alexandrite - give life to numerous models and are available in many different colors.


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