Brass and bronze creations 100% made in Florence

Corte Calzaiuoli - Florence
2018, Francesco Maestrelli


The complete restyling of its 8 refined suites Corte Calzaiuoli in Florence, in the historical Palace owned by De' Macci noble familty located in via dei Calzaiuoli in Florenze, cared about each details: from the classic picture lights, Studio line, to the Timeless pendant lanterns, you can breathe the atmosphere of a historic Florentine building in a contemporary and welcoming location.


The property has relied on Il Bronzetto to illuminate its beautiful suites, choosing from time to time between the various lines from the most elaborate to the most classic and linear ones, such as the natural brass spotlight of the Timeless line.


For Corte Calzaiuoli have been chosen lighting objects in the catalog, such as the three-light Wormhole chandelier branded Brass Brothers & Co. and custom-made appliques and floor lamps, with a more traditional taste. The creation of personalized products is the result of the careful care that the In Bottega service reserves to its customers who can choose a catalog model and adapt it to their tastes or want to create an object starting from an idea or a sketch.