Brass and bronze creations 100% made in Florence

Hotel de la Ville - Rome
2019, Studio Ziffer


A journey of noble English offspring to discover the fashions of Paris and Italian archaeological treasures inspires the design of the Hotel de la Ville in Rome, another pearl of the Rocco Forte Hotels group. For this sumptuous project, 100 meters from Trinità dei Monti, the Ziffer studio, designate by the Director of Design, Olga Polizzi, made use of the mastery of the Bronzetto. Hotel de la Ville is another add to the contract projects of luxury hotels of Il Bronzetto. Giant bronze chandeliers have been created for the common areas of the hotel, such as the huge hall chandelier which, due to its dark colors and concentric circles, recalls the atmosphere of medieval castles.


The chandelier designed by the architect Ziffer in the arabesque style of the yellow living room, is in gilded bronze with candles resting on 10-pointed stars and blue enamel decorations. The bronze castings, the golden and burnished finishes, are found in appliques, table lamps and ornamental inserts of etagére combined with damasks and wallpapers perfectly reproduced, by magic of digital technology, from original antique prints and lithographs.


The three chandeliers of the Mosaico restaurant have a mirrored parabola inside to reflect the light and black of the motif of the central crown, each room of the Hotel de la Ville is a world of its own, each piece of furniture finds its perfect location .