Brass Brothers Eclectic 2020 Collection

Lightnings, tables and knobs of the Eclectic Collection draw from real flora and fauna elements to create new styles and shapes with an eccentric taste. At times elements and shapes from the sea-depths or from woods and swamps are captured in our fusions which keep their true essence intact. Other times nature simply acts as a muse to allow the creation of shapes which from it draw their inspiration. Brass is crafted and worked so as to create irregular surfaces with uneven finishes which best recreate the imperfect uniqueness of nature.

Catalogo Accessori

Each home area must represent the personality of those who live it or of those who have projected and design it. The detail is the tool that allows characterizing the spaces and making them unique. More than 300 models including knobs and door knockers, in the numerous finishing options, from young and eccentic lines, such as Kindergarten and Frankenstein, to more classic ones such as the Novecento, allow to give vent to creativity, or even to reproduce as faithfully as possible the unique style of a vintage atmosphere. Love Handless is the magic touch that transforms a functional object into a unique decorative complement. The bathroom’s accessories, the embrass or the coordinates for the fireplaces are the timeless complements that help every interior designer, architect or designer to reinforce his style with a fine detail.

Catalogo Luxury Foundry

High quality details, castings, chiselings, gold, hand-grinted blown crystal, hard stones and rare marbles are wisely used to create luxury items that enhance and gift elegance to even the most ambitious interior design project. The sophisticated luxury of this brand’s item reflect the Italian artisan tradition and its skilled craftsmanship. Dedicated to those who seek the refinement and elegance of the classics , enriched by brazen and unbridled opulence of Luxury Foundry’s one of a kind baroque pieces, precious allies in creating that fairy-tale atmosphere. Crystal vases, bowls, chalices and home ornaments of the Luxury Foundry line are caracterized by a fine brass and bronze details and elegant colours: Amber, Emerald, Aquamarine, and Alexandrite – the colour of the most precious gemstone in the world – could be the perfect wedding gift to last over the time. Polished chandeliers, candle holders, appliques and exquisite tables in bronze and marble are the luxurious and sophisticated detail to enrich your home.

Catalogo Timeless

High quality products characterized by clean lines and fine materials. Applique, chandeliers, floor lamps and table lamps in which nicked-plated finisches prevail and geometric designs are crucial to giving the whole environment a certain stylistic quotient. Timeless and classy objects that stand out both in classic contexts as well as in modern and minimal ones. Satin-finish, milky or transparent glasses alternate with brass in satin or burnished finishes in lanterns and ceiling lights. The Timeless collection reflects contemporary objects that define sober and refined environments , combining elegance and style in modern artifacts and re-editions of unique design pieces reinterpreted to meet nowadays taste.

Catalogo Brass Brothers

Brass Brothers & co. is a new young brand of lightings and furnishings, born inside Il Bronzetto company, active in Florence since 1963. Brass Brothers & co. is a project of ideas shared by a group of artisans, designers and creatives. The proposed products combine a renewed design and a new use of materials with the memory and the knowledges of last century. The resulti s a contemporary line of items with a vintage mood, attentive to the quality, in which craftmanship and project coexist. We have always realized commissioned prototypes to meet the specific requirements of our customers. For this reason, we can say that the past and future melt in our expert hands. Brass Brothers & co. manufacture is entirely made in Florence and its surroundings.


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