Villa Cora Hotel - Florence


Villa Cora is located in a centuries-old park that overlooks the Boboli Gardens, on the hills just outside the historical center of Florence. As one of the most famous XIX century florentine aristocratic residences, after many changes of ownership, Villa Cora became a Grand Hotel in the late sixties. In 2010 Villa Cora has undergone a major restoration, which lasted 3 years, during which Il Bronzetto was chosen as a supplier for the lighting solutions.


The Villa is dominated by a strong eclectic, sometimes even bizarre, decor and artistic styles, which are often inspired by the famous characters who stayed there. One of them was the Japanese Emperor Hirohito, to whom the imperial suite is dedicated, the love for roses comes from Princess Eugenia, wife of Napoleon III, and you can also find a passion for the Eastern world and for the fifties.


Various were the artworks commissioned to the workshop of Il Bronzetto which created wonderful lighting solutions by reproducing chandeliers, floor lamps (175) and wall lamps based on archive images and client's projects, reaffirming the importance of maintaining the unique style of each room and suite.