Bronzetto is an art studio based in Florence, Italy, that has been crafting bespoke bronze pieces since 1963

Thirteen times Jacaranda

Experience the beauty of handcrafted glass and brass with our Jacaranda table lamp.

The color of elegance

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Outdoor lighting

Be prepared for a unique spring re-opening of your outdoor space.

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Blossom line

A line of lamps where colors and shapes recall the flowers and blossoms of a spring garden.

Let your style flourish!

Bronze conquers every room because it's natural, highly resistent and daringly beautiful

Slow Interior & Made in Italy

Bespoke design

Experience the perfect blend of craftsmanship and technology with In Bottega's bespoke furniture service.

In Bottega provides expert support for interior designers & architects. From material advice to technical support, we turn your vision into a reality with custom-made furniture using brass & top-quality materials.

Florentine artisans

Born and raised in the workshop, the Calcinai brothers inherited the business and art from their father, the founder Antonio Calcinai, together with the other artisans create precious manufacts that are the expression of a broad knowledge of materials and the techniques for their processing.

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