Donovan Bar, Bronw's Hotel, Londra Gran Bretagna


In 2018 the Donovan Bar has been totally redesigned. The furniture has been inspired by photographer Terence Donovan, and it’s one of the most glamorous interior projects of the city. Belonging to the Rocco Forte Hotels group, the property chose Il Bronzetto to design new furnishings with a refined and unique taste.


The bar has been redesigned focusing on glamour and playing with a super 'British' color palette: 'racing' green, gold, black and gray, which are reminiscent of Donovan's black and white shots. The contrast between opaque and shimmering surfaces, between light and shadow, recalls the lens of the camera. the worked glass of the table tops from Il Bronzetto's Timeless collection, shines with their inserts in gilded brass and the bronze base radiates with decorations of leaves.


The Donovan Bar is well known as one of the most intimate and sophisticated speakeasy-style bars in London, often hosting guests from Mayfair’s elite art and fashion scene. The large golden half- sphere of the Soundlight chandelier creates the right intimacy and allow customers to choose their own background music thanks to the integrated double bluetooth speaker that can be controlled from any device.