LA BRASSERIE by Bronzetto, unconventional Gift Shop

La Brasserie is not just a store, but a 'taste' experience that showcases the most unique and artisan products. From the vast selection of brass Gift items made by Bronzetto, perfect for any occasion, to military chocolate, which was first included in U.S. military rations in 1937, to hand-made quilts from Jaipur using the Hand Block Print technique. Additionally, there are also home textiles, ceramics,  handmade jewelry and many other products.

It's more than just a quick shopping stop; it's an experience for the visitor who can enjoy a coffee while browsing the display, seated on brass stools and bistro tables produced by Il Bronzetto, listening to music amplified by SOUNDLIGHT floor and hanging lamps with cutting-edge technology for sound diffusion, taking the time to chat with the artisan or interior designer present in the store.