Originally a family-run business and a small artisan shop, founded by Antonio Calcinai, Il Bronzetto was created to respond to the demands of the international market, mainly producing lighting and adapting itself to the tastes of the various retailers who purchase large quantities with the help of assistant buyers.


The untimely death of the founder leads to an early generational change. Antonio's sons enter to manage the shop and immediately demonstrate that they keep up with the times.

Simone's inspiration and Pierfrancesco's manual skills bring new visions and a greater awareness of what the future of the company would be. They broaden the horizons of work, starting to work with architects, designers and general contractors.


Michelangelo, cousin of Simone and Pierfrancesco, enters the company and, with his passion for informatics and technology, introduces new and innovative processes.

Il Bronzetto is no longer an artisan workshop, but it is a company capable of carrying out special projects, creating prototypes and feasibility studies. Combining the passion and traditional Florentine artisan vision with great awareness and attention to technological research, it has introduced new processes through business investments 4.0: blockchain network and equipment for additive manufacturing machinery such as 3D printer and scanner, and the CNC milling machine.


Simone, the company's product manager and business developer, eclectic and passionate, is not satisfied with offering only the products that have characterized the family business for years. With a broad knowledge of materials and techniques, he creates a more contemporary line that puts the accent on design: Brass Brothers & Co. is born.

Il Bronzetto begins a process of branding, presenting to the market of product lines grouped by brands, each with its own identity, positioning and audience.


Il Bronzetto is now a mature artisan company, which produces artifacts appreciated all over the world, it is a compendium of old knowledge and craftsmanship, new contents and high-tech processes.

The 'In Bottega' service is born, a multitasking expression of the modern craftsman who, with the help of new technologies, is able to offer technical advice and develop tailor made projects and ideas for architects, designers, interior decorators and anyone who loves to create. A new motto takes over: "The modern craftsman can no longer afford to say - we have always done so and so we will continue to do".


A renewed entrepreneurial reality
The business changes its name and from a family-run company it becomes a srl with two new partners: Francesca, marketing manager and Massimo, production manager and a specialized growing team composed as follows:

7 skilled workers
3 employees in sales, marketing and customer care
1 digital communication expert
1 art director
3 designers to the technical office
1 professional in research and development
1 press office
1 administrative
1 person in charge of purchasing and shipping