Villa Passalacqua, Como Italy


Villa Passalacqua is an historic residence overlooking Como lake and surrounded by elegant Italian gardens, dating back to the end of the 18th century. It was restored respecting the original style and the purpose for which it was designed and built: to offer a unique holiday experience in pure Italian style.


The De Santis family, owner of the property, worked with numerous professionals for the recovery of the villa at a structural level and to define its general setting, to then leave Valentina De Santis carte blanche for the furnishing project; to complete which she relied on well-known names in Italian furniture but also involving numerous italian historic craftsmen. Bronzetto had the honor of dealing with the most diverse requests from the creation of one of the most complex and impressive custom chandeliers ever produced by the Florentine laboratory: two meters in diameter decorated with hundreds of small golden oak leaves which required three months of work, to the smallest and most functional objects.


Passalacqua is an example of the Italian propensity to beauty and attention to details: from the logo with the three pike fish that Bronzetto has reproduced making an handle for the door, to the outdoor and spa lighting project which has an oriental flavour thanks to a special laser cutting technique that has been used for custom lanterns and suspensions. Another example of custom made product is the PALMIRA portable lamp in bronze and fabric, battery-powered, for the lighting of the tables set in the outdoor spaces, the top of elegance mixed with the modern lighting technology. Bronzetto has designed and made to measure a series of bathroom , rooms and restaurant