Bronzetto today is the reinterpretation of the modern workshop, launched towards a sustainable, ethical, but above all authentic future.


For many years an all-male company, partners and artisans, today Bronzetto in its organization chart boasts a strong female presence in strategic tasks such as marketing, communication and management control.


Maintaining the operational headquarters (production, showroom and sales office) in the places of origin is an indicator of what Il Bronzetto means by slow interior. Despite the logistical difficulties of receiving and shipping bulky goods, it was decided to keep operations where it was founded 59 years ago: in the historic Florentine district of Oltrarno, rich in history, tradition and unique cultural identity, atelier of artists, workshops of artisans and restorers, art galleries and antique dealers. The laboratory and atelier are historic places full of charm, both for employees and for customers who visit them.
Slow also means supporting the Florentine and Tuscan economy by relying on a network of local suppliers with a tradition behind them and at the same time being able to follow even the most complex projects with competence and desire. This is why Made in Italy for the Bronzetto is Made in Tuscany!


For the safety of employees and compliance with environmental regulations, some of the processes, such as electroplating and foundry, are located in areas adjacent to the city.
The materials used for the production are durable and the waste resulting from the processing is disposed of according to the requirements and, where possible, reused.
The packaging is green, made with ecological recycled cardboard.


In recent years Il Bronzetto has taken on the task of safeguarding the material heritage and knowledge of various traditional activities in the sector. Of Ugolini, Mariotti, Stilbronzo and Rafanelli, Il Bronzetto acquired the know-how, hired personnel, purchased machinery and tools of the trade that would otherwise have been lost.
Today it has a company archive, models, molds, unique pieces, drawings and prototypes, object of digitization, which represent an important material and cultural heritage. At the forefront of the responsibility to perpetrate this heritage, the master craftsmen of Il Bronzetto are engaged in youth training and involved in cultural initiatives linked to the territory, aimed at enhancing and disseminating artisan knowledge and developing skills.
The newborn Research and Development department is dedicated to studies, analyzes and technological innovation projects and collaborates with various universities.