Seats, Piazza del Carmine - Florence

Another project created by Bronzetto for external public space is "La piazza Seduta", a project conceived by Cosimo de Vita which proposes the creation of a seat to be placed in Piazza del Carmine.
Not a simple chair, but a place, an everyday reality that transcribes time and place to bring memory into a physical object.

Il Bronzetto worked with De Vita to create four backrests that replicate the façades of Florence’s four main basilicas: Santo Spirito, Santa Maria Novella, San Lorenzo (decorated with Michelangelo’s façade) and Santa Croce. While crafting chairs out of church frontages has long been De Vita’s style, the significance of the concept isn’t lost on this space, where religion has played a key role over the centuries.

The Artigianer, a word play of the two terms artigiano (= artisan) and designer, Cosimo De Vita, designs the seatbacks, in brass and bronze, of the seats in the square. These seatbacks reproduce the facades of the most important churches of Florence. A work, created partly by the hands of the master craftsmen of Bronzetto and partly through the use of digital technologies (rendering, 3D models, numerical control machinery etc.).